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Markdale Communications (founded in 1980 as Markdale Cable) is committed to expanding and improving our business, our network and our services. We have made extensive investments into technology and infrastructure, and Markdale Communications boasts the most extensive fibre optic network and the fastest and the most reliable internet services in our area.

Providing our subscribers with the best customer service possible is our top priority. Our employees not only work in our service area, they live here, too, so when you call Markdale Communications you may be talking to a neighbour.  We provide fast-response service and support, and our customers always know they are being looked after by a team that cares. Whether it is supporting sports teams, activities and charitable causes in our area, or partnering with local businesses…we are proud to be a part of our community!

Markdale Communications customers are never asked to sign a contract.  We are confident that our exceptional products, competitive rates and outstanding customer service make contracts unnecessary.

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Proudly Serving: Markdale, Dundalk, Flesherton, Irish Lake, Beaver Valley, Eugenia and Kimberley.