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Digital Basic Package     $27.95

          NBC Detroit HD

          CBS East HD

          CTV2 Barrie

          CBC Toronto HD

          Global HD

          SRC Ottawa (CBOFT)

          CTV2 London

          OMNI 1

          TVO HD


          ABC Detroit HD

          CTV Kitchener (CKCO-TV)

          The Food Network

          CBC Newsworld


          PBS Detroit HD

          CTV News Channel

          The Shopping Channel

          The Weather Network


          Sportsnet Ontario

          Sportsnet One SD

         Game TV

         PBS Buffalo

         TFO HD

         Much More Music

         Much Music


        The Miracle Channel

        Markdale Com. Channel

        Grey Highlands Cultural Channel

        Regional Com. Channel

        W East


        Fox Rochester HD


         CTV Toronto HD




         OMNI 2

         Ontario Legislature


         CTV2 Halifax

         CBC Montreal (CBMT)

         CBC Ottawa (CBOT)

         CBC West

         CBC Edmonton (CBXT)

         CTV Edmonton (CFRN)

         CTV Atlantic (CJCH)

         Global Calgary (CICT)

• Channels 900-939 Stingray Music stations        • Channels 950-992 Fm & AM Radio Stations

Tier One        $15.95 or take both tiers for $27.95

          TSN 1

          TSN 2

          TSN 3

          TSN 4

          TSN 5

          TSN 1 HD

          TSN 2 HD

          TSN 3 HD

          TSN 4 HD

          TSN 5 HD


          A & E

          Spike TV

          City Toronto

          City Vancouver

          Showcase HD

          The Learning Channel

          BBC World News

          Discovery Channel


          Slice Channel

          Headline News

          NFL Network

Tier Two      $15.95 or take both tiers for $27.95

          HGTV HD


          PeachTree TV

          Comedy East

          Teletoon East

          Outdoor Life Network

          The Family Channel

          Turner Classic Movies

          History HD

          MTV Canada

          Sportsnet 360 HD

          Fox Racing

          AMC HD Canada







         Game Show Network

         The Golf Channel

         A & E HD

         Sportsnet 360

         FX Canada HD

HD Sports   


          Sportsnet ONT HD

          Sportsnet WEST HD

          Sportsnet EAST HD

          Sportsnet PACIFIC HD

          Sportsnet ONE HD

          Big 10 HD

          Golf HD

More Sports


          NBA TV

PP*    The Fight Network

PP*    ESPN Classic

PP*    WFN (World Fishing Network)

PP*    Wild TV

Leafs TV


PP*    Leafs TV

Life 101


   PP* National Geographic HD

          Love Nature HD


          Animal Planet

          ABC Spark

More Life 101


          Independent Film Channel


 PP*   DIY

          ONE: Get Fit

          OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

INFO (formerly FYI)


         Fox News


PP*   Documentary Channel          



         BBC Canada

Movies & TMNEncore


          TMN1 HD




           HBO East

           HBO HD East

           HBO HD West

           HBO West



More Movies


   PP* Lifetime

   PP* Sundance

   PP* Dejaview

   PP* Movie Time

   PP* Showcase Action